New Photoshop Lightroom Beta 4 Training

Adobe Lightroom Beta out!

Lightroom tutorials
Adobe has released a new beta of Photoshop Lightroom Beta 4.  Lightroom is a great photographers tool for managing and editing their photographs.  Now downloadable from Adobe and has a new training course to learn all the best ways to use it.

Have fun shooting!


Two great new cameras from Nikon

Back in October, I had previously posted the the new Canon EOS 1D X was my new lust item.  Now Nikon has announced two Nikon D800new incredible camera’s that have topped the list.  Still out of my budget, but let’s dream on!

The Nikon D4 is the match to the high end Canon 1D X and about the same price too.  At $6000 or so it won’t ever be in my hands unless a friend happens to trust me with taking a turn at it.

The Nikon D800 comes with an incredible 36 megapixel sensor! Wow! What do you do with all those pixels? I wonder what the file size is on these shots?  It prices out at about $3000 so it still is out of my budget reach.  So with both of these cameras I’ll be putting them on my dream list.

I may settle for the new Nikon Coolpix P510 which is a consumer class camera for $430. It has a 16 megapixel sensor and an amazing 42x zoom.  I still prefer the manual control of the pro cameras but I guess it’s going to be easier to save up the $430 than for $3000.  Hmmm . . . I don’t know. Maybe not.

Tell me what you all think I should do.

The Problem with FTP


Moving files from one computer to another has been essential since the start of computing. Once we were able to connect computers via network protocols and cables, we worked to find ways to send data and files back and forth across the network connections. Thus, FTP was developed specifically for moving files across the network.   FTP also allowed programmers and system administrators to begin writing scripts to automate transfers based on some event that occurred in the software.

Then very quickly, businesses began to find great use for the use of the internet network to send and receive file from their business partners

The Problem

Early users of the internet were Universities sharing information that was freely available to the public.  But as businesses began using the internet for sending files to their business partners, transactions and detailed customer information was frequently part of the data contained in these files.

Hackers started to capture the data that was traveling across this public network also remotely breaking in to computers connected to the internet. Network firewalls were developed to block them from access to these individual networks, but the FTP protocol remained essentially the same.

The Solution

To better secure file transfers, other protocols, such as SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, and PGP were developed for transferring files across the internet securely. Now businesses and organizations are able to keep their data secure but many still lack understanding and the expertise to manage all of the processes that each of these methods involve. There are free tools that run on a pc’s, such as Filezilla and CoreFTP, that simplify the process of securing FTP, but most businesses need a better way to manage such critical processes.

GoAnywhere from Linoma Software is the best solution that I have ever seen to manage FTP processes.  The ease of use in setting up and managing FTP scripts that can be scheduled, automated, and logged with alerts for successful and/or failed connections and transmissions. GoAnywhere works with many databases and runs on multiple platforms.  I have never seen a better solution for the FTP challenges of today.  Contact Linoma Software for additional information or post comments if you have additional suggestions.

Canon EOS-1D X Announced

Yeeeouch!! The new lust item for me has just been announced. The Canon EOS-1D X is the camera that I’ve been watching and waiting for! Incredible new high sensitivity for my cave crawling and night time shoots. Video controls have been enhanced. Heavy duty camera body that won’t break down in extreme weather conditions for skiing shoots. Gigabit ethernet jack. Drool, drool, drool. Anybody have a spare $7K? Awww, it won’t be available until next April anyway.

Whew. Now I’ve got to refocus and get back to reality. 😉 Lets get back to work and pay the daily bills. 😦

Twoubling Twitter Tongue Twister

I’ve never been a big fan of twitter but I’ve recently been working on how to use it to promote business marketing. has a course I’ve been taking on “Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter” I’ve learned some really good information along with and interesting tonge twister.  Have fun.


Twoubling Twitter Tongue Twister aka. “The Twitter Sobriety Test”

Twoubling Twitter Tongue Twister

 Twelve twittering twins twiddling tweets between twilight, twice twirled twaddling tweets twinging twiddly twerps upon twinkletoed trolls. Twas retweeted twice by tweenagers, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who Twittered twenty three tweets like tongue twisted twerps eating Twinkies twofold.

by Dan Hollings @dhollings

Bleaah. Now I remember why I don’t tweet much. Watch later for more information on tweets about my twitter techniques.

I learn it all at

I have been an Information Technology professional for over 20 years and have seen the extreme transitions that we have gone through in just the last 5 years. Mobile technology and Social Media have changed the world of communications like I had never believed would be possible so quickly.

In my personal life, I have also always been actively involved in the creative side of my passions. I practiced and enjoyed oil painting and photography in the 70’s and moved into computer layout and design for print in the 80’s. Then Web design and implementation in the 90’s. In the decade of 2000, I dug deeper into interactive media for the web in creating engaging sites, digital painting and videos for others to enjoy on the internet. Now in the decade of 2010 the changes are moving so fast into the world of mobile technologies and social media it leaves all that I have learned in the past in the dust. Whew! How will we ever keep up???

Grow your brain.

Fortunately, there is Everything that I have learned in the past 5 years has been from‘s website. It is an absolutely incredible resource for learning so many aspects of digital creativity. There are over 1,000 courses to learn from. The inspiration series from the incredible artist documentaries are my favorite resource for ideas. Training for the new social media tools of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress Blogs, and others are available online.

I cannot say enough about the mind opening opportunity that lets me feast at the table of creativity. I love it and recommend it often to all that I work with in helping them learn the creative tools. Thank you

Watch this short video to learn more about

Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)

I just finished the ebook, “Zero Moment of Truth” by Jim Lecinski, who is the Managing Director for US Sales at Google. Excellent clarification of marketing methods in the new Web 2.0 world which includes social media and it’s impact. Every business owner needs to review this to understand the keys of moving his/her business forward into the fast moving future. Great read!!!

Here is the link to the ebook, “Zero Moment of Truth“.

Here is a trailer.